70 Years of Aston Martin in the Americas

70 Years of Aston Martin in the Americas
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2021 is an auspicious year for Aston Martin in the Americas; it’s the 70th Anniversary of the brand selling its first car in North America. 70 years of manufacturer sales in the United States and, later, Canada, is a major milestone and, over the course of those seven decades, the business has seen itself taken to the hearts of luxury sports car enthusiasts across the continent.

Indeed, around one in four of all Aston Martin cars built to date have found their first owners in North America, making the region hugely important to the commercial performance of the brand.

Shortly after entering production in 1950 with its then-new DB2 saloon, Aston Martin elected to expand its foothold and begin sales in the Americas as a way capitalizing on the region’s new-found taste for European sportscars in the immediate post-war years. As part of a fledgling public relations push to raise awareness for the brand in the states, a 1951 DB2/4 was shipped to the U.S. for testing with key automotive enthusiast publications.

Road & Track magazine was among the first publications to get its hands on the car and wasted no time in properly evaluating it with none other than soon-to-be world champion Grand Prix driver Phil Hill at the wheel. Testing and evaluation by U.S. publications was a success; Road & Track proclaimed it to be “…one of the best handling and fastest cars ever tested….” 

In fact, after concluding the evaluation Hill walked away from the test so impressed, he decided to purchase the test vehicle itself; becoming one of the first buyers of the DB2 in North America, taking delivery on 15th September 1951.

The success of the DB2 in North America cannot be overstated. Of the 411 cars built, around a third made their way direct from the Aston Martin factory to owners in the United States. 70 years on from its humble beginnings in 1951 there have been ebbs and flows for the business. Today however, one thing remains the same; Aston Martin the Americas still accounts for roughly 30% Aston Martins sold worldwide annually, making it the brand’s largest market by volume. Unit sales in the Americas more than trebled to over 1,000 vehicles in H1 2021 representing 36% of global sales with an increased mix vs prior year with strong performance from DBX.

In 2021, Aston Martin in the Americas counts 35 dedicated dealers across the United States, with a further five dealers in Canada, as well as individual locations in Mexico, Chile, Peru and most recently, Brazil.

Reflecting on the 70-year association between Aston Martin and North America the marque’s Chief Executive Officer, Tobias Moers, said:

“For seven decades now, enthusiast drivers in the United States and Canada have had the chance to enjoy some of the greatest cars we have yet made. Around a quarter of all the cars we have ever made have been sold in North America; American and Canadian investment, management and support have played a major part in the company’s history. I am very happy to see us celebrate not only this important anniversary, but also the enduring link between our brand and the knowledgeable and hugely enthusiastic brand of owners who enjoy our cars in North America today.”   

Tobias Moers, Chief Executive Officer, Aston Martin
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