Coffee & Chrome named best attended Footman James event in 2022 with end-of-year fan-only gathering confirmed in January 2023

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Footman James, organisers of the famed classic and specialist car and bike meet, Coffee & Chrome, today announces its best-ever event year as 2022 goes down in record books. Making history in terms of Coffee & Chrome registrations at over 4,000, as well as the launch of the community-centric, content sharing Coffee & Chrome Collective online initiative, the event has also been shortlisted in the Historic Motoring Awards, and event organisers have confirmed a special January 2023 edition of Coffee & Chrome will be held to celebrate and kick off the events season in style.

The Coffee & Chrome meets were launched in 2019 by Footman James, a specialist automotive insurer that has a long-standing affinity to combine insuring an automotive pride and joy with enjoying said car or bike. Focusing on the classic, specialist, and collector side of the insurance marketplace, Footman James’ team has always been known to invest in attending car and bike events, latterly organising its own through Coffee & Chrome. Its new Coffee & Chrome Collective online content initiative was built to compliment the in-person meets, share event imagery and previews, alongside the community-led news updates on the web and social media.

Notably changing since the pandemic, where physical events like these were closed or held in reduced numbers, the Footman James team has invested in ways to make 2022 a special year for the Coffee & Chrome event. With more editions than ever before – a total of six meetings held in 2022 – the last meet of the year, which will be held on 16 October 2022, sold out in two days (over a weekend) after it went live on Footman James’ website and social media.

In response to events being booked up quickly, or sometimes oversubscribed, Footman James has confirmed it will hold its first Coffee & Chrome meet for the season (in 2023) as an invite-only event. Rewarding loyal, recurring attendees, all of whom have supported the event and brought others to the community, it will be held in January 2023 as a thank you and season opener, limited to just 250 classics. A full calendar of Coffee & Chrome events will be teased from January 2023.

Recognising that its physical events are most frequently held in spring and summer, Footman James’ team launched Coffee & Chrome Collective this year to provide access to content all year round. Designed to nurture and develop a new community for enthusiasts, its aim is to support and celebrate vintage car and bike lovers across the UK with engaging social media and digital content alongside the famed physical Coffee & Chrome events. The collective is inclusive and diverse, championing an eclectic mix of vehicles, bikes and owners from all walks of life, and offering the classic car and bike community access to meets and content.

Charlotte Moseley, Head of Marketing at Footman James said: “The classic community is one of the most celebrated of its kind in the automotive industry and myself and the team are here to champion it in any way we can. Launching Coffee & Chrome Collective was a turning point for us, built to co-exist alongside Coffee & Chrome, which in itself has become an events brand, and offer members exclusive content regardless of whether they have a policy with us [Footman James].

2022 has been a busy year for the team and I’m proud of every person that has played a part, especially as the event has been shortlisted within the Historic Motoring Awards, presented by Octane this year, too. Plus, we’re really looking forward to saying a big thank you to all our supporters, fans, and loyal guests at the big get-together at the start of the year [2023] as well. Our focus for 2023 will be to expand on our previous successes and continue to support classic culture in the UK as much as we can. Dates for next year’s events will be announced in January 2023.”

2023’s calendar will start to be released in January 2023, and enthusiasts are invited to like, subscribe and follow on social media – Instagram, Facebook and Twitter via @cccolluk and register for updates via the website: to understand more.

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