Mercedes-Benz celebrates 70 years of production in Argentina

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During seven decades, Mercedes-Benz produced various models of cars, vans, buses, trucks in Argentina. Today the Mercedes-Benz factory in Buenos Aires is the only one in the world that produces vans, trucks and buses at the same site. While our trucks (Accelo and Atego) and bus chassis are produced for the domestic market, the Sprinter van is mainly oriented to the export market.

Buenos Aires, September 6, 2021. Mercedes-Benz celebrates 70 years of its production start in Argentina with the pride of having been the company`s first plant outside of Germany. Having been the first productive subsidiary, meant the initial step of the worldwide industrial expansion of the brand with the star. Today the vehicles “made in Argentina” are market leaders within their segments in Argentina.

Marcus Breitschwerdt, Head of Mercedes-Benz Vans:

“This is a very important year for Mercedes-Benz Argentina for two reasons: The plant in Buenos Aires has been the company’s first plant installed outside Germany and celebrates its 70th anniversary today. Furthermore, we started the production of the Sprinter van exactly 25 years ago. Since the very first beginning in the mid of last century, the team in Argentina has been working with passion, producing and selling the vehicles with the three-pointed star in highest quality. With such an experience and the perfect team spirit, Mercedes-Benz Argentina has mastered some challenges. In 2019, we started the production of the third generation of our bestseller the Sprinter van and this still is a success story.”

Marcus Breitschwerdt, Head of Mercedes-Benz Vans
Vans, trucks and buses – leading position in all fields of commercial vehicles

This year Mercedes-Benz Vans are also celebrating 25 years of the start of production of the Sprinter van in Argentina. Currently, at the Juan Manuel Fangio Industrial Center, the third generation of the Sprinter van – that created a category of its own in the automotive industry and achieved a leading position in the Argentinean market – is produced. Launched in 2019 the latest generation of the large van stands out for its high versatility and adaptability to the customer needs.

More equipment, a new dimension in safety and renewed interior and exterior design are only some of its highlights. A wide range of variants is offered such as the Panel-van the Tourer, the Mixed van and the Chassis that is the base for almost every body builder solution. Many certified bodybuilders follow the Sprinter van’s quality and innovation requirements with their designs and carry out special and individualized conversions based on the customers’ requirements. In this way, the third generation offers a diversity of applications displaying all its attributes.

Besides the Sprinter, the Atego and the Accelo trucks are produced at the Mercedes-Benz factory in Argentina, in its manual and automatic versions, which are at the top of sales. These light trucks are mainly intended for delivery and other urban transport tasks. The automatic version offers a great robustness since its gearbox was specially designed for urban use with high frequency of gear changes.

The sales leadership also occurs in the buses segment that are fully built up in Argentina by commercial partners. Mercedes-Benz buses have traveled Argentinean streets for decades and are undisputed protagonists of the urban transportation landscape.

The engine and gearbox remanufacturing line for trucks and buses (REMAN) also operates in the Industrial Center, which meets the highest quality levels and has a production with the latest technology. Mercedes‑Benz is the first automotive company in Argentina producing and selling Genuine Remanufactured parts. Since March 2021, REMAN introduced Euro V engines. Acquiring these parts reduces repair time and, at the same time, contributes positively with the environment, reducing waste pollution.

REMAN is part of the “Circular Economy” offered by the Truck Division which considers the acquisition of the 0km truck (cash or financed by Mercedes-Benz Financier or Savings Plan), the acquirement of maintenance contracts, the purchase of REMAN spare parts and products; and the possibility of delivering the used truck to Select Trucks for the purchase of another used or a new 0km truck.

Karl Deppen, Head of Mercedes-Benz do Brasil and responsible for the Latin America region of Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Buses:

“This is a year of many celebrations. We are celebrating the 125th anniversary of the invention of the world’s first truck by Daimler. We also commemorates 75 years of the Unimog and 25 years of the Actros. I know of the dedication and effort carried out by our employees in Argentina. I am very proud of the whole team. Latin America is a key market for the company for trucks and buses since a large part of the units sold are destined to the countries of the region. I am confident that we will continue working towards our goals.”

Karl Deppen, Head of Mercedes-Benz do Brasil and responsible for the Latin America region of Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Buses
Moving forward to serve the customers

Seven decades after its foundation, more than 700,000 units have left the factory, including Sprinter vans, trucks, bus chassis, axles and REMAN components. The company’s great record of accomplishment is a source of pride, but it is also a commitment to moving forward. Mercedes-Benz reaffirms that uninterrupted involvement with the national industry, with new projects and great challenges for the future, to continue growing and expanding the destination markets.

Mercedes-Benz is the only company in Argentina exporting heavy commercial vehicles to Brazil and other countries in Latin America. The Sprinter van is also exported to the United States of America.  

Mercedes-Benz in Argentina

For Mercedes-Benz, the relationship with customers does not end with the purchase of the vehicle: that is where it begins. With more than 60 sales and after-sales points, official and mobile workshops, Mercedes‑Benz guarantees nationwide presence and assistance to customers.

Mercedes-Benz employs 2,500 people directly in Argentina. A highly trained, motivated and professional team provides mobility solutions every day. In addition, Mercedes-Benz indirectly employs an extensive network of suppliers, dealers and bodybuilders throughout the country. Thousands of people are part of the brand’s value chain in Argentina.

Manuel Mantilla, President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz in Argentina, stated:

“The foundation of Mercedes-Benz, 70 years ago, was a testimony of the trust and hope in the future of the country and world corporation. The achievements made by the company have been possible thanks to the passionate work of our employees. I also want to highlight the roles of the Public Authorities and the Unions given since their support has been of fundamental importance for our development in Argentina. I also thank the Headquarters for providing us with support in technical and economic matters. On the other hand, I would like to make a special mention to authorized Mercedes-Benz dealers and workshops; to the suppliers of parts and services and to the bodybuilders. Formally, a big thanks to clients and friends for their trust and loyalty. You have our promise to have the best products and services in the future as well. I am convinced that we are the engine of production and growth. We are the technology that is ahead. We are the innovation that leads a more sustainable movement. We are the way to go. Because we are the future, since 70 years ago”.

Manuel Mantilla, President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz in Argentina

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