1. Inspiring!
    Why can’t Skoda take some risks and follow the traditions of the 1100 OHC Coupe and the first Felicia range (not a hachback hackup job) and create a small proper 2 seeter rear WD sporstcar?
    Designing a new floorplan is not a simple job, but neither is it impossible, or is it?
    There would be more available engines/suspension elements inhouse, than they’d ever need.
    I mean, Skoda could also just sit and watch Mazda doing it (pretty well and) unchallanged for decades.
    Does Skoda realise, that it has something, that no amount of money can by:
    History and Heritage…
    This little bullet looks fantastic even without considering it’s age.
    The half a ton/90 HP and equivalent ratio is modern Porsche territory, isn’t it… Brilliant!

  2. Did you know that Beatrice Shillings Lagonda Rapier lives on in Australia. Although it has taken a completely new personality. It was saved from being broken up for parts more than 50 years ago. It was bought as a very down at heel and incomplete restoration project and rebuilt as a Lagonda Rapier “Eagle two seater”
    In this form it has covered over 100,000 miles including three visits to the UK and France. It is kept in immaculate condition only going out these days for Vintage Sports Car Club events (mainly in and around Melbourne and or Victoria. It remains in my hands and is unlikely to be sold any time soon.

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