35 million cars and counting VNC Automotive celebrates its third birthday

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Perfectly positioned between car manufacturers and the user, connectivity pioneer VNC Automotive has cemented itself as a leading name in its sector in just three years.

Working across the entire transportation industry – including consumer, commercial, emergency services, and mobility – VNC Automotive’s software lies at the heart of vehicles’ entertainment, navigation and telematics systems. Allowing manufacturers and OEMs to enrich the experience of both drivers and passengers, it provides enhanced connectivity, making journeys more entertaining and productive than ever.

The success of the Cambridge-based company to date has allowed it to expand its offering, which includes the recent launch of its first hardware product, Cobalt Cube™, to deliver advanced systems integration for police and emergency services vehicles.

Speaking on the anniversary of the company, Tom Blackie, Founder and CEO, VNC Automotive, said:

“The decision to go it alone may have been a bold one but was extremely prudent. As an independent business we have been focused on working closely with a range of vehicle manufacturer clients, as well as Tier 1 suppliers, and tailoring solutions to their big infotainment projects. This means we’ve been able to meet nuanced requirements and provide opportunities for differentiation of the in-vehicle experience using proven technologies.”

Tom Blackie, Founder and CEO, VNC Automotive,
VNC Automotive – Connectivity That Moves

Headquartered in one of the world’s largest technology clusters in Cambridge, UK, VNC Automotive offers an end-to-end service, from proof-of-concept to technology delivery and through into production.

Born from a management buyout in 2018, the company has been perfectly placed to ride the growing wave of advanced entertainment and navigation technologies that today’s cars employ.

This has resulted in a demand for VNC Automotive’s expertise that has exceeded expectations, and its technology is already integrated within more than 35 million vehicles.

Solely automotive focused for the last three years, the company has worked on closer market analysis for a greater level of forecasting and anticipation. This has enabled it to optimise its software development in line with demand, at a time when in-car entertainment and the integration of smartphone and streaming technologies are delivering a sea change in how people connect with vehicles.

Beyond consumer vehicles, the company is already established in the emergency services sector which allowed it to develop and launch its first hardware product early this month.

The compact but powerful Cobalt Cube™ streamlines systems integration for police and emergency services vehicles. Systems such as ANPR, light bars and sirens can all be controlled through the built-in dashboard display, taking advantage of a vehicle’s optimised ergonomics.

PC-based applications, meanwhile, can interact with responders through the vehicle’s touchscreen while the bulky hardware remains safely and securely mounted out of sight (for example in the rear of the vehicle).

VNC Automotive is now able to look at where in-vehicle technology is heading as well as how to use its knowhow in other sectors. This includes promising markets such as off-highway and agriculture, which offer fascinating opportunities. Applications such as crop planning and harvesting are already being streamlined by advances to GPS and connectivity, but autonomous functionality offers huge potential.

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