J40 Motor Company Celebrates First Year in Business

J40 Motor Company Celebrates First Year In Business
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Burlen launched the J40 Motor Company in April 2020, and while much of the time since has been in lockdown that hasn’t stopped Director Jamie Burnett growing the company to new levels.

What started as a small parts and accessories business, supplying a selection of items for the Austin J40 pedal car, has been transformed to become much more in little over a year.

In the past, J40 owners had to rely on a number of small specialists to make parts for their beloved pedal cars, often with lengthy waiting lists and no guarantee of quality or fitment. The J40 Motor Company is owned by Burlen Ltd, sole manufacturers of SU, Amal and Zenith carburetters, allowing immediate access to the skilled engineers employed within the business. In addition, recent and significant investment into new engineering technology has allowed the J40 Motor Company to manufacturer previously hard to find parts swiftly, accurately and to the highest quality.

Austin J40

The J40 Motor Company aims to stock every part needed to keep a J40 pedalling with immediate availability from stock. 3D scanning capability also allows owners of the J40 to commission bespoke parts as required. With a full supply of parts available to owners around the world, more J40 cars will be preserved, and less will need to be broken for parts as has been the case in the recent past.

As a result of the company’s evolution, a number of new products have been introduced including a vastly improved, high quality J40 clocks panel, beautifully detailed grilles, Flying A bonnet badges and hand finished bumpers.

Writing of a brand-new book, covering the history of the Austin J40, has also began with renowned J40 historian David Whyley as the author. David wrote the highly regarded Austin Pedal Cars book, first published in 2000, which soon became the bible for enthusiasts and owners all around the world. The J40 Motor Company book will be all-new, with incredible detail of the concept, creation, and manufacturing of the J40, through to its use as a road safety tool, and the recent popularity of the Settrington Cup at Goodwood. The book, published by Porter Press later this year, will provide the definitive story of the diminutive Austin, and will also include full detail on the J40 Motor Company business and its future vision.

A number of J40 cars are now owned by the J40 Motor Company, from very early examples to some of the last to roll off the production line, all in varying states of repair. These acquisitions will assist the J40 Motor Company in becoming an authority in the subject, but also ensures cars are on hand for product development and testing. Press who may be interested in viewing the collection are invited to make contact to arrange.

Designed to appeal to the global J40 community, a brand-new merchandise range will soon launch featuring designs from automotive artist Stefan Marjoram. As the appeal of the J40 crosses all age ranges, the new collection will be available in adult and child’s sizes finished in a range of colours and styles.

Burlen and J40 Motor Company Director Jamie Burnett said:

“While the Austin J40 is an old car, we are determined to operate the J40 Motor Company as a modern business. Some of our manufacturing techniques remain traditional, but many are now undertaken with the highest levels of technology. Our website allows simple and fast ordering with products being despatched around the world on the same day. The J40 is an important part of the UK car industry and our new book, and continuous business development, will help to secure its place in automotive history.”

Burlen and J40 Motor Company Director Jamie Burnett

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