Volkswagen Caddy celebrates 40th anniversary

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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles looks back over the generations of the Volkswagen Caddy as the van celebrates its 40th birthday.

The Caddy – originally introduced in the US in 1979 as the “Rabbit Pick-Up” – first rolled off European production lines in November 1982, and has since established itself as a major player in the compact and urban van market.

Originally based on the Mk1 Volkswagen Golf, and adopting its front end, over the years the Caddy has proven itself as a flexible, robust and reliable vehicle for tradesmen, delivery firms, young families and beyond, with successes spanning across four decades and five generations of the model.

To celebrate the Caddy’s forty years of production, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is taking a look back over the history of this iconicvan.

After the first-generation Caddy’s introduction in 1982, it remained on sale in Europe until 1993, before the introduction of the second-generation model in 1995. Available as a panel van and high-roofed estate, the Caddy 2’s versatility made it ideal for everyone from couriers to tradesmen and service providers.

Caddy ‘Mk3’ arrived in 2003, when manufacturing was moved to a Volkswagen facility in Poland that’s been dedicated to the van ever since. Improvements made on this model were substantial, from the switch to the Mk5 Golf platform, the payload, load space, and the model’s variety, with a flexible seven seat configuration that lended itself to young families for the first time.

The fourth-generation Caddy brought further improvements in vehicle safety and efficiency, as well as a range of two, five and seven seat configurations for complete customer versatility, making it practical for work and leisure, city driving or countryside excursions, family life and beyond.

Now onto its fifth generation, the Caddy 5 is more innovative and versatile than ever, offering a host of driver assist systems and intelligent tech features designed to make driving simpler and more enjoyable, with features such as Bluetooth® hands-free, a multi-function steering wheel, and an emergency e-call system all included as standard.

Based on Volkswagen Group’s multi-purpose MQB platform, the Caddy range has been expanded to include the Caddy Life, Caddy Cargo and Caddy California.

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